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New Summer Park business center

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New Summer Park business center
Kalite Construction opens office in downtown Alanya.

Choosing a business premises is a process that requires careful analysis and a balanced decision. It is necessary to predict the convenience of the location, the flow of people, the availability of parking, and the future potential of the place. Now all these checkpoints have a name - Summer Park Business Center!

The Summer Park business center begins with the environment. We are opening next to the building of the new municipality of Alanya, a 5-minute walk from the main shopping and entertainment center, Alanium, new restaurants and cafes, Magellan, Starbucks, Kahveland, Bern's, etc.

The Summer Park business center has an underground parking lot where everyone can park. While you are busy with your business, you can order a luxury car wash for your car right in the parking lot, and it will be already clean, waiting for you in its place. The name of the car wash service is Boz Auto!

In 4 office blocks are offices and private offices of lawyers, architects, doctors, the best real estate agencies, a beauty salon, and a co-working space. Soon, a store of branded Italian clothes, an Internet cafe, a hookah bar, and a popular pastry cafe will open in the boutique alley of the business center.

Business centers have vacant premises for rent and sale. Suppose you are looking for a place to open an office or restaurant in Alanya in a good location. In that case, you can contact Kalite Construction or visit our new Summer Park business center office.

The official opening of the Kalite construction office will take place on March 8, 2023!

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We have opened another office for the convenience of our customers and increased service comfort! It is located in block D of the Summer Park Alanya business center, which we built ourselves.

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