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Modern technologies in construction

Walls and facades

Ecological pumice blocks

The walls of our residential complexes construct of environmentally friendly pumice blocks made from volcanic crumbs. Residential buildings allow you to provide 100% waterproofing since this breed does not absorb moisture and keeps the house dry. In addition, walls made of volcanic pumice blocks provide increased sound insulation, which does not pass the noise level up to 55 dB!

The wall thickness is 25 cm: 20 cm pumice block thickness + plaster, putty, and paint on both sides.

Monolithic frame

The construction of the monolithic frame begins with the foundation, which lies at a depth of up to 1.5 m, and in places of elevator shafts, it reaches up to 3 meters.

When knitting a metal corset for monolithic structures, our company uses reinforcement. All projects use intensification with a thickness of 16 mm for the formation of load-bearing monolithic columns and 14 mm for forming inter-floor ceilings. We use 25 cm foam with a total width of 40 cm to facilitate the load-bearing structure and additional inter-floor sound insulation.

Concrete and its expertise

In Kalite Construction projects, we use C30 concrete, which is used for complex and strategic structures, for example, for bridges. This mark corresponds to the M400 mark used in the CIS countries.

When pouring concrete, we take samples from each concrete mixer into special containers. These samples are tested for destruction in laboratory conditions for 3-28 days. Only after confirming the quality of the concrete we proceed to the erection of the next stage!

Metal formwork

Correct geometry of monolith construction is one of the basic principles. We use metal formwork in construction, which allows us to improve the construction process in several directions at once:

  • The perfectly flat surface of monolithic structures
  • The formwork is resistant to pressure, and the monolith has no deformed areas.
  • Dismantling the formwork does not violate the integrity of the structure.
  • Provides the optimal temperature regime and humidity for the correct maturation of concrete.

Interior decoration

Window units and glazing

When installing window systems, we use ALÜVA window blocks, where installed two-chamber glass units with a glass thickness of 4 mm and a distance between the glass of 12 mm.

Double-glazed windows made by IQ Aluminum with a thermal break, called "warm" aluminum profiles. They allow you to maintain the temperature inside the room and reduce the influence of the external temperature. Such a system will serve as an additional thermal barrier for your home.

Sound and thermal insulation iFloor

When forming the insulating inter-floor layer, we use iFloor material, produced by burning rubber and used on walls and the floor.

A room with this insulation provides:

  • Additional sound insulation at all frequencies.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • An antibacterial barrier.
  • Extra protection against impacts.

It uses to cover the underfloor heating system to reduce heat loss.

Stairs and floor coverings

Kalite Construction uses 15 mm thick marble slabs on stairwells, window sills, and stairs. This type of finish allows not only to make the interior aesthetic but also has high wear resistance.

When forming a flight of stairs, we use the correct step of the stairs and a wide passage, which will be comfortable even for mothers with strollers and people with disabilities.

Apartment set

Built-in furniture

Each apartment from the developer Kalite Construction has a built-in bathroom and kitchen furniture. Our apartments order furniture from the best furniture factories according to individual design.

In furniture production, we use 1st class MDF; all cupboards have closers and high-quality fittings. To produce countertops and aprons using natural Gimstone granite.


Bathrooms seem to be ready "turnkey" in each apartment. In addition to built-in furniture, the bathrooms have a built-in floor heating system.

The bathroom in your apartment will include showers, Grohe toilets, sinks, and faucets.

Each apartment has installed instantaneous water heating systems. Everything is reliable and aesthetically attractive.

Interior and entrance doors

85 mm thick SUR steel doors with polyurethane coating provide reliable protection for your apartment. In all complexes, we use only first-class entrance doors.

Interior doors have a unique design considering the residential complex's characteristics. All entries have a comfortable passage width, and fittings and hinges will add solidity to your interior.

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