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In Turkey, not all construction companies take over the management of their residences. At Kalite Construction, we strive for excellence and improve the quality of our projects but also the management of our residences.

Here is a small list of features that will ensure a comfortable stay in a well-kept Kalite Construction residence:

  1. Property management: Kalite Construction management company provides efficient property management according to the owners' requirements. Property management may include tenancy management, maintenance management, and security.
  2. Financial Management: The ideal property management company in Turkey should provide adequate financial management of the property, including budgeting, expense and income management, accounting, and public reporting.
  3. Communication with clients: A management company in Turkey should have good communication skills and be able to communicate with clients in different languages. We provide regular reports and information on the property's condition, and we are available to answer questions and solve problems in your native language.
  4. Personnel management: the management company must have qualified personnel with experience and knowledge in real estate management. We provide professional training for our employees and promote their development. When hiring, we carefully evaluate candidates not only from the standpoint of professionalism but also from the personal qualities of employees.
  5. Respect for the law: Our company must comply with all laws and regulations related to property management in Turkey. We have long-term experience working by local norms and standards.
  6. Innovation: for the management company Kalite Construction, it is fundamental to use modern technologies and innovations to improve the quality of its services and the management and maintenance of the real estate.

We know that our customers enjoy living in their apartments with a high level of service and security!

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