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From the purchase
of new buildings
in Turkey
We will choose a convenient
time for you
We will save up to 600 hours
on your Internet searches
We will help you form a vision for moving or investing in real estate in Turkey

The infrastructure of the districts, which are suitable for a residence permit, and which are ideal for citizenship, and which are for investments with crazy annual returns in currency.
TOP 5 Mistakes when buying real estate in Turkey.
What is the difference between the actual estate objects, apart from the price? What to pay attention to during complex elections?
How not to be deceived, documents, laws, developers.
How not to catch a cold when freezing investment money?
What are the prices of products, which kindergarten or school to send the child to, where to fish, and where to decorate leisure time with family and friends.
What are the stages in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship?
What happens after the purchase? Who will help to get used to it?
West or east side when choosing a layout
What are the pros and cons of installment plans from the developer?
The answer to any questions that interest you!
We are giving away a book on moving to Turkey and an individual investment strategy of up to 40%

We work with clients from all over the world

16,000 sq.m.
Built with our smart-planning mentality in mind 300 families
300 families
for 2022 life and earn on real estate in Turkey $12,000
12 000$
On average, we save for clients at the expense of the developer.
We have developed a radically different approach to real estate sales.

We educate our potential customers and armed with information, they make the choice themselves...
Expert in new buildings Leila Mansurova
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