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Alanya GO FM - Multi-language radio of Alanya

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Alanya GO FM - Multi-language radio of Alanya

Kalite construction - партнёры  нового проекта русскоговорящего радио Alanya GO FM 

On March 8, we not only opened our new sales office of the construction company Kalite Construction! We have prepared an exceptional gift for all Russian-speaking residents of Alanya - the first multicultural Russian-language radio in Alanya!

On the same wavelength as Alanya, you will find:

  • podcasts with exciting and relevant Russian-language experts;
  • the best music of all times and nations, sorted by separate categories. 

Already you can hear Alanya in any corner of the planet:


Soon Alanya GO FM will be available to listen to from the Alanya GO application of the same name directly on your mobile phone.

This application will allow you to be aware of everything happening in Alanya. This is the first multilingual city portal in Alanya, Turkey, on which:

  • News;
  • Events of the city;
  • Poster of concerts and events;
  • A complete directory of organizations with the ability to filter them by service language;
  • Transfer call service;
  • Taxi call service;
  • Delivery of flowers;
  • Car rental;
  • Personal notes;
  • User comments;
  • Radio Alanya GO FM.

Initially, the application will be released in Russian and translated into Ukrainian, English, and Turkish as soon as possible.

A large team of high-class professionals is developing this program so that in June 2023, you can experience quality changes for the residents and guests of friendly Alanya!

You can download the program from Google Play and AppStore.

We plan to launch a full web version available in any browser.

Listen to Alanya GO FM and stay on the same wavelength as Alanya!

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