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Frequently asked questions

Residential complexes with infrastructure are taken care of by a caretaker also known as the kapici. Kapici is a person who lives on the territory of the residential complex and take care of the complex as a whole. He monitors the cleanliness of the water in the pool taking samples, calls special services if necessary and ensures the safety of the residential complex and proper functioning of all systems. Often the residents can turn to the kapici with household issues.

Kapici is an employee of the management company which provides general management of the residential complex and the financial component. The management company solves the issue of managing the house by residents gathering, providing reports on the past period and making proposals to ensure the complex' functioning. To make decisions at meetings residents vote by a majority for confident choices.

Investing in new buildings in Alanya can be a profitable and promising option, especially when it comes to high-quality properties with good location.

A good option for investing in a new building in Alanya will be an object located in an area where it’s possible to get a residence permit or within walking distance to the sea. It’s safe to assume that the higher the level of the house, the more developed the house's amenities - the higher the client's profit from the investment. The most lucrative areas for investment are Oba, Demirtas, Mahmutlar and Gazipasa.

It is essential to pay attention whether a developer has all technical and construction documentation and it’s always a good idea to check its completed projects.

After putting the real estate into operation, apartment owners must apply for electricity and water subscriptions.

CK Akdeniz Elektrik supplies electricity in Alanya, so you should contact the company's office to apply for a subscription. The list of necessary documents is as follows:  

  • Copy of TAPU (title deed)
  • ISKAN - a habitation certificate, which proves the right to use a property or its part (for example, an apartment in the residential complex) as a residential property.
  • A photocopy of a passport or ID card
  • Tax number
  • DASK earthquake insurance
  • Old electricity bill or a meter number

You can apply for a water subscription in Alanya at a branch office of the Asat company. The list of documents for water meters is similar to that of the electricity subscription.

Annual payments for maintaining an apartment in Turkey may include the following costs:

  1. Real Estate Tax (Emlak Vergisi): This is a tax levied on real estate owner and is calculated based on the property's estimated value. The tax rate can vary depending on the location and type of property but is usually around 0.1-0.6% of the property's estimated value.
  2. Communal Fees (Aidat): This is a payment for the maintenance and caretaking of common areas and amenities in residential complexes such as elevators, swimming pools, parking, etc. The monthly fee may vary depending on the size of the residential complex and the quality of services provided.
  3. Electricity, water, and gas are utility costs that depend on amount consumed.
  4. Property Management: If you hire a management company to manage your property in your absence, you may need to pay them a certain amount for the services provided.
  5. Property Insurance: Property owners purchase DASK insurance in case of property damage from natural disasters or other accidents.

In general, the annual costs of maintaining an apartment in Turkey can vary depending on the type of property, its location, and its level of comfort.

In Turkey developers offer apartments in new projects already with a full fine finish renovation. There is a modern renovation in each apartment: painted walls, porcelain stoneware or laminate on the floor, lighting, sockets and switches are installed. Front and internal doors are mounted. The apartments have a built-in kitchen and bathroom furniture. The bathrooms have porcelain stoneware, a shower cabin and faucets. Under each unit of equipment there is a place with water supply and electricity where necessary. Our projects include heated floors in bathrooms.

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