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Botanic Garden

Residential complex in Alanya, Kestel district A modern complex with a full set of community ammenities: garage, spa areas, gym, cinema, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, plot area 15.000 sq. m.

Video overview of the Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden
Karşıyaka Sk. 8, Kestel, 07450 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey

Botanic Garden — an excellent place to live in

Pristine nature
Safe local area
Yacht club
to the center of Alanya
to the Gazipasha airport
to the Antalya airport
to the Oba farmers’ market

Local amenities

Premium class life
Apartments in the residential complex Botanic Garden are example of modern premium flats located 400 meters from the azure Mediterranean Sea. The area is distinguished by a predominantly European population and a high level of security. Apartments from the developer in Kestel are ideal for those who are looking for a quiet summer residence or permanent residence. The location of the residential complex allows you to reach the center of Alanya in just 15 minutes by taxi or public transport, Gazipasa International Airport is located within 30-minute drive on a comfortable transfer or taxi. Over the past year a lot of cafes, lounge bars have been opened in Kestel as well as a modern fitness club with a large number of group classes. In the Kestel district there is an international Russian-language school Classics-M and the Alaaddin Keykubat University.
Well-developed seaside
The coastal area in Kestel is equipped with bicycle and pedestrian paths. The abundance of palm trees and greenery give the embankment in Kestel the appearance of a small park along the sea that has cozy gazebos, fountains, outdoor sports grounds and barbecue areas. The beaches are sandy or with small pebbles. On the beaches there are city cafes that rent out sun loungers, umbrellas and treat guests to soft drinks for a small fee. Also you can bring your own beach accessories and occupy any part of the beach absolutely for free. The name of the complex Botanic Garden speaks for itself - there is an abundance of greenery on the complex area as well as palm trees and bright tropical flowers.
Picturesque complex area
The complex comprises two five-story blocks. A direct view of the sea is worth mentioning. Starting from the first floor the residents of the complex have the opportunity to enjoy the sea view. These two blocks are a separate town in the Botanic Garden complex. The residents of these two blocks have their own community amenities decorated with many plants (fitness area, swimming pool, playground).
Quality apartments
If you choose an apartment in the residential complex Botanic Garden from the construction company Kalite Constructıon you will purchase a flat in a residential complex which has the area of 12,000 sq.m. The residential complex was built in accordance with all the rules and standards of urban planning in Turkey using high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers. This is the best choice for those who appreciate high quality, laconic facade and highly functional content. Apartments from the developer have a fine finish. The construction of your apartment will be completed in August 2024. You can purchase an apartment from the developer in the Kestel area using installment plan that has no interest rate and thus there is no overpayment. To buy an apartment from the developer you only need a valid international passport.
Project outlook
View all our Projects Modern building technologies
— we stood the test of time
*Kalite - means “quality” in Turkish
12 projects under development
in Alanya and Gazipasha
2400 apartments sold
30% Прирост цен за этап
10 year experience in building
Different locations Our residential complexes are aptly located providing much needed space for quality lifestyle.
Free after-sales service Quick solution to all issues concerning a real estate market from the Kalite construction team.
Heated floors are rare - when it comes to many others developers. We’ve got the heated floor as a standard feature.
Meeting deadlines Penalties in case the deadlines aren’t met. A 10-year history of delivering on time.Up to 3 years installment plans
Smart flat plans Every flat plan is carefully thought out and complies with all construction standards and regulations of Turkey.
Top 5 building constractors in Alanya We are capable of building 245 000 sq.m. (more than 2 500 flats in Alanya) simultaneously which means we build fast as well as meet deadlines.
Up to 3 years installment plans Reasonable prices and a flexible installment plan with currency shock proof mechanism.
VIP amenities Social and entertainment amenities are located in the lush greenery of our residential complexes.
Wall thickness Cool in summer and warm in winter!
Kaliteli inşaat iyi bir itibardır. Reklam satın alınabilir, itibar satın alınamaz
Murat Özmen — Chief Architect
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01 Kalite Construction — a construction company in Alanya with more than 10-year history.
02 Every new project of Kalite Construction can be seen as a secure high yield investment tool.
03 Kalite Construction cares for its customers and adheres to the high standards of the customer service.

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Frequently asked questions

Everyone can buy an apartment in Kestel - there are no restrictions on the purchase of apartments by foreigners. Foreigners choose the Kestel area for its laconic design and large areas of residential complexes with decent community amenities. There are virtually no hotels in this area so your holiday will not be spoilt by crowds of tourists. You can rent out your apartment in Kestel for recreation and earn money from your apartment in Turkey.

When choosing profitable real estate in Alanya you should pay attention to such factors as:

  • distance to the sea
  • amount of community amenities on the territory of the residential complex
  • sea view
  • availability of supermarkets near the house
  • pay attention to the interior design of the apartment

All these factors affect the demand for the apartment and thus its cost.

If you want to buy an apartment in Kestel smartly you should pay attention to apartments in new residential complexes that are offered by the developer. Also the developers provide additional amenities for residents in the new complexes for example heated floors, roller shutters on the windows and so on. Buying an apartment in the early stages of construction saves up to 30% of the cost of the apartment and turn a house by the sea into a highly liquid investment tool.

The Kestel area has a number of advantages when compared to other areas of the city of Alanya:

  • 5-storey building
  • there are the university and the Russian-language school Classics-M
  • new public institutions are constantly opening, there may be a free niche for your future business
  • a fair amount of the Kestel residents are from Germany and Northern Europe
  • the beaches of Kestel are not overcrowded with tourists and you can always find a vacant space.

The cost of apartments in the Kestel area depends on a number of things such as distance from the sea, amount of community amenities, view. The price varies greatly therefore when buying an apartment you should take into account the supply and demand in the Alanya real estate market. The average cost of a 1+1 apartment in Kestel ranges from 100,000 to 180,000 euros while the price of a 2+1 apartment in Kestel starts at 150,000 euros.

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