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Our customers get full Aftersales services

Assistance in obtaining residence permits and citizenship

You will be accompanied at each stage by an experienced lawyer and our interpreter. To obtain citizenship in Turkey, it is necessary to purchase real estate at a cadastral value of at least 400,000 USD and meet several conditions. This is taken care of by our professional team.

Buying an apartment in Turkey in open areas will help you to get a residence permit (ikamet). Our After-Sales Manager will help you with your application and prepare a complete set of documents for a successful interview with the migration service.

Placement of children in school or kindergarten

If you are planning to move to Turkey to permanent residence with the whole family, the after-sales service manager will help you to decide on the school. Accompany you to the educational institutions, and prepare a list of documents for placement of children. At each stage, you will be accompanied by an experienced manager with whom these procedures will be successful.

Obtaining certificates and documents

When living in Turkey, from time to time you will need to collect and prepare documents. The managers of Kalite Construction will be able to quickly organize the necessary certificates and also execute the necessary documents. At every stage, you can always count on quality assistance from our specialists.

Opening bank accounts

The Turkish banking system provides its users with favorable terms and high service. Having a personal account in the bank, you can freely dispose of funds in your account from anywhere in the world. Opening a bank account in Turkey, and choosing favorable terms of service will help our experienced after-sales service manager.

Legal support (support)

When you live in a new country, it’s important to have a trusted friend and an assistant. Kalite cooperates with leading lawyers in Alanya who always find the best ways to solve our customer’s problems. The After-Sales Service Manager will arrange a rendezvous with your lawyer and will act as an interpreter if necessary. You already have a reliable friend and assistant in Turkey in the person of our staff!


Everyday questions do not cause stress to our customers. We can find a doctor, quickly organize a repair team, insurance, and much more. Every question our customers have is answered immediately by our after-sales service.

Property management

Real estate in Turkey can bring not only the joy of ownership but also bring income to its owners. Kalite Construction provides real estate management and rental services. Our customers can expect a profitable rental and safe operation of the housing. Our task - profitable to rent your apartment and ensure the safety of the property.

Our team is a community of professionals who are united by common values, sincere love for our clients and Alanya. Our main goal is to provide quality services to our clients.
Head of After-sales department Halil Ibrahim Imdat
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